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Second to Nature Offers a Unique Experience to Our Clients

Second to Nature offers a unique experience to our clients who look to us for professional advice that brings together health, beauty, and image restoration. Owner Rebecca Whitehill believes the services and products we offer complement each other perfectly to create a convenient, comfortable experience for our clients. Our convenient location in Roanoke offers a great selection of post-mastectomy products and more, serving a tri-county area. Contact us online anytime or call Second to Nature for an appointment at: (540) 366-2711.

Quality Products to Support

Health, Beauty & Image Restoration

We have learned in our experience supporting breast cancer survivors that quality products can make a big difference in the way each person envisions their health, beauty, and image, during cancer treatment and after breast surgery. We offer information and education to empower clients to make the best choices of products in the marketplace. The variety of fashions available from Second to Nature can go a long way to support beauty and body image restoration as part of the healing process.

Personalized, Compassionate Care

in Roanoke, VA

The professionals at Second to Nature in Roanoke, VA know how important it is for each customer to be treated with care, respect, and dignity. Our staff is trained to offer the best in service and is certified by ABC-OP to provide accurate measurements and scans to achieve the best possible fit. Our staff works with your healthcare and insurance providers to help make it easier to obtain the post-mastectomy products you need.

Experienced & Certified Digital Fitting

Ensures Natural Silhouette

Second to Nature’s complete, after breast surgery boutique specializes in recreating a natural silhouette for women with breast unevenness following breast surgery or due to uneven development. The experienced staff is certified in digital scanning and other fitting techniques to ensure the proper placement of prosthetics, where appropriate, and can recommend the type and style of garment to help individual clients achieve a beautiful result.

Meet the Outstanding Team

at Second to Nature

Rebecca Whitehill, CFm

CFM & Owner

I have had the pleasure of fitting women who have had breast surgery, with prostheses and bras since 2007. My husband and I moved to Roanoke in 2010 to open the shop. I keep up to date with the latest products and training by attending expos, seminars, and symposiums annually. Most recently, I attended the Essentially Women Conference in Tampa, Florida May 2022 and POWER Symposium in Las Vegas March 2022. There have been so many changes in the industry each year. We have new technology and products to help make women’s journey through breast surgery, and beyond, easier.

When a woman has the diagnosis of breast cancer, she does not know what to expect. I will take them through the process from the beginning. Initially, they will need post-surgery garments that hold drain bulbs, then they move into regular bras and prostheses after about six weeks. The doctor will let them know when to come to our facility and get their fittings. We work closely with the surgeons, oncologists and others in the medical community for the best possible outcome for the patient. It is a rewarding job to help women feel whole again after breast surgery.

Tiara Williams, CFm

 Hi! I am Tiara Williams. I am a certified mastectomy fitter. I joined Second to Nature in June of 2017. Some of you all remember me as your upbeat receptionist. But now, I focus on a non-surgical option to reconstruction. I use a 3-D image scanner to create digital photos and scans so a custom breast prosthesis can be created for you by American Breast Care. This amazing creation fits directly to your chest wall, is lightweight and can match your skin tone for a more natural fit. I work with doctors and insurance companies so we can provide the best products for you!

I know that it is hard to put into words the devastating effects cancer can have on a woman’s emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. That is why it is my pleasure to assist women in providing products and services that allow them to get back to their normal lives and be actively involved with their families, friends, and careers. And it’s a joy to see the strength, courage and love these women exhibit every day!

Scott Whitehill

Office Manager & Owner

My wife, Rebecca, and I moved to Roanoke from Missouri in 2010. I’m happy to say I work in the office at Second to Nature. I also take care of any mailings or shipments we send to customers. We really like it here in the Roanoke Valley. It is beautiful, and the people have been great!

Stephanie Smith, CFm

My name is Stephanie Smith. I am a Certified Mastectomy Fitter. I’ve been working with the Second to Nature team since September 2020. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2020. A diagnosis of breast cancer is just the start of a difficult and painful journey. Learning to love our scars and feel whole again is a process. I am so pleased to be part of this journey with other survivors. I see my fellow previvors, warriors and survivors come into the office feeling embarrassed. They feel unsure about what to expect and hesitant to show their new body. My favorite part of being a Certified Mastectomy Fitter is seeing how happy these lovely ladies feel when they are leaving the office. All are welcome and all are treated with respect and dignity. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your healing process. It’s truly a privilege.

Ashley Garcia, CFm

I joined the Second to Nature team in January 2019. I am a certified mastectomy fitter. Before working here, I didn’t even know that such a wonderful place existed for women who have faced the trial of having breast cancer. To me, it’s like a sunny spot in a survivor’s journey. I appreciate having the opportunity to get to know many amazing women, to hear their stories, and to be part of their healing process. I also enjoy working with a team of individuals who are dedicated to providing outstanding, personalized care and attention to every person who walks through our door. 

Laura Hutton, Receptionist

“Second to Nature, this is Laura!” If you give our office a call, that’s most likely what you’ll hear! I recently joined Second to Nature as their receptionist in March of 2023. Most of my life I have worked with the public so I love to meet new people and if I’ve learned anything it’s that everyone has a story, and everyone’s story matters. Most of the amazing women who walk through our door have been on or are about to start a difficult journey dealing with breast cancer and making sure they are treated with care, dignity, and respect is very important to me. I’m so grateful to work with an amazing team of people who are dedicated to doing just that. It is such a joy to see the strength and endurance these women display every day and, even if it’s just for a moment, I’m so thankful for the privilege to be a part of their story.

Reviews & Testimonials

for Second to Nature

Our satisfied customers are our best resource to describe what brings us to work every day.

“I would recommend Second to Nature to others because the staff is very warm, professional, and knowledgeable. They made me feel as if my needs were the most important thing…they turned an uncomfortable issue into a very pleasant experience.”
– Breast Cancer Survivor

“Second to Nature’s store is a God-send for me and letting others know about it is first on my list. I will be telling anyone who will listen!”
– Breast Cancer Survivor

“Second to Nature has a very relaxing atmosphere and the personnel are all very pleasant. And though you don’t know what to expect, they put you completely at ease.”
– Breast Cancer Survivor

“Before shopping at Second to Nature, I waited 3 years before getting help. I would never have imagined the difference I felt about my femininity and appearance. I love the new me – so natural looking!”
– Breast Cancer Survivor

“I could not ask to be treated with more respect, compassion and dignity…yet very professional.”
– Breast Cancer Survivor

“Fully stocked with everything a person with cancer would need – a lot of merchandise to choose from.”
–  Breast Cancer Patient

Prosthetic Appliances Made with Care & the Latest Technology

to Suit Your Body Beautifully

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