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Custom breast forms are now available for women following a mastectomy or breast conserving surgery…


Quick, easy digital scanning technology means no more time-consuming and messy plastic casting


Lightweight silicone makes this custom breast form one of the lightest on the market for comfort


You can choose from a colorful selection of skin tones for a truly custom breast prostheses!

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Choose from Among the Most Popular Brand Names

Second to Nature provides a wide assortment of products from favorite brands, each specializing in creating a natural silhouette for women with breast unevenness following breast surgery or who experience uneven development. Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies cover prescribed prosthetics. Second to Nature is proud to be a fully accredited facility, with mastectomy fitters certified by ABC. We carry products by:

American Breast Care




Coobie Bras


Products for Mastectomy Patients Including Prostheses and More

Second to Nature is grateful to serve the community as a Medicare and Medicaid provider, helping breast surgery patients with post-operative recovery care. Count on us for:

Prostheses- Mastectomy

Prostheses- Lumpectomy, Reconstruction

Prostheses- Athletic & Leisure

Fashion Camisoles

Compression Bras & Camisoles

Home and Active Wear

Products you can find at second to nature


Custom Breast Prostheses by American Breast Care

Customized prostheses provide the convenience you want to restore your appearance after surgery. Our professional fitters are certified by ABC to provide the best and most accurate measurement to fit your prostheses to your satisfaction.


Silicone Breast Prostheses by Amoena and Trulife

Silicone breast prostheses, by popular manufacturers like Amoena and Trulife, offer a convenient alternate to a custom prostheses. These are also great option for women with uneven breast development to achieve greater symmetry.


Non-Silicone Breast Forms

Breast forms available in a non-silicone composition that also provide an alternate way to achieve body symmetry for use under various forms of home and active wear.


Juzo Compression Garments

One of the most requested brands of compression garments available, Juzo’s line of compression garments serve you comfortably and securely when you need them most.


Camisoles for Post-Surgery*

Compression bras, camisoles with convenient pockets to hold drainage tubing and more. Stay cool, covered, and fashionable with apparel that works beautifully for you.


Swimwear and Swim Forms

We have a nice selection of new 2016 post-surgical swimwear, and the swim forms that are ‘just right’ for whatever kind of water you plan to visit, whether it’s the pool, lake, or ocean.


Bras and Undergarments by Jodee, Amoena, and More

Second to Nature offers a variety of bras and undergarments to suit your particular needs and preferences. Whether you need something for Sport and Leisure, Front Hook, Seamless, Molded Cup, Underwire, Comfort, Strapless, we carry brand names like Jodee, Amoena, and more, in popular styles and colors.

Don’t see something that you like?

Second to Nature is proud to supply favorite products on request. If you have already purchased a particular item or brand and need a replacement, just let us know so we can order it for you!



Second to Nature is conveniently located in the Woodhaven Office Park, at 5450 Peters Creek Road. We are open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Saturday by appointment only. Closed Sunday. Call Second to Nature for an appointment at: (540) 366-2711 or by using our convenient online form.