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Choosing the Surgery That’s Right for You

Decisions, Decisions—Choices About Your Health

A number of decisions make up the health journey of each individual. From the type of doctor you see, to the insurance plan you carry, there are many factors that have an impact on your health and the choices you make. When you receive a significant diagnosis like breast cancer, the decisions you make can mean a lot for your outlook.

A couple months ago, we talked about the different types of breast cancer surgeries. So much of a person’s breast cancer journey comes from making sound decisions based on current and reliable information. Each patient strives for the best success they can in treating their specific type of breast cancer.

When the Doctor Recommends Surgery

Beginning with your primary doctor, you may also see a specialist or two or require a number of tests to diagnose the condition. Surgery can often be the most effective way to rid the body of cancer; however, there are many factors that determine if surgery is a viable option. Consider all the factors and advice from health experts as you weigh your decisions about breast cancer surgery.

It can be a natural reaction to just want to remove cancer in the fastest way possible. When trying to decide on a surgery, there may be more involved than this sense of urgency. Some top advice you may hear from family, friends, and cancer experts alike are reminders to:

  • Take time to research your options. Ask your nurse for handouts on each procedure. As you read, make a list of questions for your surgeon, and then take notes while talking to them.
  • Involve a plastic surgeon*. This can help when weighing the importance of breast saving techniques, reconstruction, and other post-surgery supports.
  • Discuss your treatment plan with loved ones. Having support from those closest to you can have a big impact on post-surgery outcomes. You may even get specific in asking loved ones to help you in certain ways, depending on your needs.
  • Find out your family history, including if any loved ones have had cancer. This could provide some indication of possibly successful options or treatments.

The Importance of Getting a Second Opinion

*Whenever possible, get a second opinion, as well. This won’t insult your surgeon—they will want you to feel secure in your final decision. When faced with a significant surgery, it is best to learn all you can about options before, during, and afterward.

Obtaining the advice of another doctor, surgeon, or specialist is part of your own due diligence in making the best decision for your health. Taking time to get that second opinion, weigh all your options, and determine the best way forward can bring much in the way of information and options—including those relating to post-surgery care and support.

Considering Options for After Breast Cancer Surgery

After-breast-cancer-surgery care might include additional treatments recommended by the doctor or specialist. Effective supplemental treatments might range from a chemical or radiation regime, to exercise therapy and other physical supports. As with surgery, each type of after-surgery treatment and care will rely primarily on the type of cancer and surgery the doctor performs.

Healing after breast cancer surgery itself takes time. Treatments and any remaining side-effects may add to your recovery time. Various forms of physical therapies may also help with healing and recovery. When ready, Second to Nature has the breast forms and other garments many clients feel are essential to restoring wellbeing.

Control Your Treatment Plan with Plenty of Information

Gathering as much information as possible can set your mind at ease and put you in control of your treatment plan. The journey of choosing the right breast cancer surgery that’s right for you is no small feat. It can affect your life moving forward in significant ways.

Having the right supports for your life after breast cancer surgery can make a big difference. This is why Second to Nature seeks to be one of your significant partners when it comes to your recovery after surgery. We have the experience, knowledgeable advice, and supports for clients throughout the Roanoke region. Keep our number handy and give us a call to see how we can help you.


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