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for Post-Mastectomy Fashions

Second to Nature is Here

for Customers in Salem, VA

Our neighbors in Salem, VA who need fashionable support after breast surgery come to Second to Nature in Roanoke. Our caring staff is here for clients who have had breast cancer surgery have a recovery filled with questions. As a boutique specializing in post-mastectomy fashions, Second to Nature offers support and education for patients and their loved ones. When you are ready to enhance your body image, we have the expertise and items women need, along with the fashion sense to bring it all together beautifully for you!

Contact us online today or call us at (540) 366-2711 for a confidential appointment.

Digital Scanning in Salem, VA Area

for the Specialty Fit You Need

The board-certified fitters at Second to Nature serve clients in Salem, VA, and the surrounding area, who desire customized breast prostheses. Using the latest technology, our digital scanner is the only one of its kind in the state. Customers from Salem are assured with the personal service we offer at Second to Nature. They visit our boutique in Roanoke because they know we can provide the best, most accurate fit after breast surgery. When you are ready for specialty fitting services, our wide selection provides every person a fit that is truly unique to their own shape.

Enhance Your Silhouette

in Salem, VA & the Roanoke Valley

Our board-certified fitters at Second to Nature will help you enhance your silhouette if you are in Salem, VA, and the Roanoke Valley vicinity. We are here to serve you before, during, and after breast cancer surgery with education and post-surgical support. We find many customers eager to enhance or restore their silhouette or some aspect of their body shape after surgery. Second to Nature is honored to be able to provide this needed service to customers from Salem and around the Roanoke Valley.

Post-Mastectomy Products & Services

in Salem, Virginia

Visit Second to Nature when you are ready for outstanding quality brand name products to support your life and shape after breast surgery:
  • Almost U
  • American Breast Care
  • Amoena
  • Anita
  • Classique
  • Coobie
  • Jodee
  • LuisaLuisa
  • Trulife
  • Wear Ease
  • Bras & Undergarments
  • Camisoles For Post-Surgery
  • Custom Breast Prostheses
  • Non-Silicone Breast Prostheses
  • Silicone Breast Prostheses
  • Swimwear & Swim Forms
  • Lymphedema Therapy Products

Post-Mastectomy Fashions

Serving the Salem, VA Community

Second to Nature provides after breast surgery experience and education to the local community of Salem, VA at our location in Roanoke. We are here for our neighbors in Salem and throughout the Roanoke Valley, and offer post-mastectomy fashions since 2010. We bring nearly a decade of service to every customer and recommend calling ahead to reserve a time in one of our consultation rooms. This ensures time for private discussion related to fitting, insurance, or other questions you may have.

Here to Serve You in the Salem, VA Area

Second to Nature serves clients from Salem, VA, our hometown of Roanoke, throughout the Roanoke Valley and beyond. Our local service area includes Bedford, Botetourt, Franklin, and Montgomery counties.

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