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Find Ways to Show Love…

Second To Nature Loves and Supports Every Breast Cancer Survivor

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, let’s find ways to show love to loved ones battling breast cancer. If you have a special someone in your life with breast cancer, consider ways to shower love on them. Expressions of love and support are invaluable to those going through any kind of health challenge.

We love and support every breast cancer survivor at Second To Nature! Among the many ways you can show love to loved ones battling breast cancer, you can:

  • Communicate and Visit with Loved Ones
  • Give Your Loved One Useful Gifts or a Makeover
  • Encourage and Support Them


How to Communicate With, Visit, and Encourage Breast Cancer Patients

The most fulfilling way to show people you love them is when you encourage, communicate with, and visit them. This is especially true for people battling breast cancer. Too often those on a breast cancer journey tend to isolate themselves. This can lead to compounding conditions like depression; so how do we communicate that we care?

Send brief, frequent notes or text messages, or make short, regular calls to communicate. On the phone, remember to listen carefully. Schedule short, regular visits rather than long, infrequent ones. On these visits, remember to give physical and emotional support to the caregiver, too. With every note, text, call, and visit, encourage the patient and caregiver. When you encourage others, it builds self-confidence, success, self-esteem, and validation.


Show Breast Cancer Patients Love with Useful Gifts or Makeovers

In addition to visiting, chatting, and showing encouragement, you can show love to breast cancer patients in tangible ways, too. If the patient is undergoing treatment that affects his or her appearance, offer to give a makeover. According to, makeovers can help patients look more like their normal selves, which helps them feel better, and gives them more confidence. If a patient isn’t interested in getting a makeover, consider buying him or her a useful gift.


Useful Gifts to Give to Breast Cancer Patients

Useful gifts are small, practical items. A useful gift might be something the patient needs or simply enjoys. Examples of useful gifts include:

  • Silk or satin pillowcases
  • Self-care items, like a cancer resource book, a special pillow, or a heating pad
  • A CD or download of patients’ favorite music
  • Funny or heartwarming movies
  • Audio books


Encourage and Support to Show that You Love Someone

If you wish to share support and encouragement to loved ones who live farther away from you, consider sending them a gift certificate or making a donation to a favorite charity in their honor. Giving expressions of love, support, and encouragement are just a small way to provide a gentle boost. You never know when someone may need it. Think ahead and plan to make your Valentine’s Day extra special for your loved ones battling breast cancer.


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