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Second To Nature Explains How to Talk to Kids About Breast Cancer

It’s Not Easy to Tell Kids About Breast Cancer, But It’s Important You Do

We’re explaining how to talk to kids about breast cancer for the July Second To Nature blog. When on a cancer journey, parents sometimes feel like shielding their kids from the difficulties of it. However, many experts believe that it’s best to be honest, and let children know what’s going on. If you need to tell kids about breast cancer, you should:


  • Plan What to Say
  • Simple Language
  • Reassure Them
  • Invite Questions



Plan What to Say, Use Simple Language When You Tell Kids About Breast Cancer

When we say “plan what to say”, we don’t mean you need a prepared speech. To plan what to say, you should have a guideline of points to make, and answers to questions they might ask. It will help the conversation to stay on point when you plan what to say.


Part of how to talk to kids about breast cancer should include using simple language. The use of simple language means you won’t overwhelm kids with information that they can’t understand. Simple language is being honest and making age-appropriate descriptions about the disease, its treatment, etc.



Invite Questions You Can Answer About Breast Cancer, and Reassure Kids of Your Love

Your plan should also include choosing to invite questions that you can answer. When you invite questions, you give kids the opportunity to ask anything they have on their minds. It also helps children understand ways to cope and process their feelings when you invite questions. If you do choose to invite questions, be sure to answer honestly and appropriately.


This conversation will probably be emotionally difficult. While having it, always try to reassure kids they’ll still get the love and support they need. You should also reassure them that no one is to blame for your cancer, least of all them. Kids tend to equate sickness with sharing germs or catching colds. Therefore, you should also reassure them they can’t catch cancer.



Stay Positive Through the Entire Conversation About Breast Cancer

However or whenever you plan to talk to kids about breast cancer, do everything you can to stay positive. We understand it’s overwhelming and hard to stay positive when cancer causes an uncertain future. Even so, tell kids that whoever is battling cancer is getting the best care. Share with them that the breast cancer survival rate is promising. These are ways you can stay positive. When you stay positive with children, you reassure them so that they keep hope for the best outcome.


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