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Comfortable Ways to Recover After Breast Cancer Surgery

Second to Nature in Roanoke Offers Post-Surgical Solutions from ABC

If you are looking for helpful and comforting ways to recover after breast cancer surgery, visit Second to Nature in Roanoke. We offer post-surgical solutions from ABC, American Breast Care. These are specially designed products that provide comfortable support, structure, and balance to help you recover after breast cancer surgery.

We recognize that breast cancer surgery, like any medical procedure, can be an ordeal. Afterward, medical staff will advise patients to rest and heal to facilitate their recovery. For some of us, this healing process may be easier said than done.

When we look to recover after breast cancer surgery, there are still many questions. There also may be just as many options. How does a person, or their loved one, know which types of post-surgical solutions may be best to get?


Recover After Breast Cancer Surgery with ABC’s Post-Surgical Solutions

Thankfully, the team at Second to Nature in Roanoke is here to serve with post-surgical solutions from ABC. American Breast Care (ABC) supplies several types of post-surgical products that help you recover in the initial days after surgery. If you have had surgery recently, let us know so our team can help you explore supportive options to help you recover.

The Post-Surgical Kit from ABC features patented massage technology that massages, hugs, and cools. The kit consists of essential products that promote a smooth and comfortable recovery after surgery. Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance plans cover this, so talk with us today for more information.


Recover and Secure Balance with Compression Bras and Garments

As your healing progresses, ABC supports you still. There are a few important aspects to consider after surgery. One element of post-surgical care often requires garments that incorporate drain management. ABC offers a selection of compression bras and other garments that also aid with post-surgical drainage.


Compression bras, like the ABC bras shown here, provide ease and convenience for wearers recovering after surgery. ABC designs them to stabilize breast tissue and maintain breast shape while healing. These feature front-closing options, adjustable Velcro straps, and more to make post-recovery easier.





Post-surgical camisole options provide a relaxed fit while aiding with drain management. These comfortable garments include many features that make them easy to use. They include two triangle puff leisure forms and attachable drain pouches that prioritize comfort and ease. Wearers appreciate these elements when recovering post-surgery. This essence of achieving balance is an important part of recovery and healing.



Continuing with balance in mind, for those recovering from reconstruction or breast-conserving surgery, ABC offers thin prostheses. Wearers add these to complete the shape of the remaining breast tissue. Prosthetic options can give a natural appearance by completing the shape of the breast. We’ll explore some of these forms below.


Breast Forms, Fillers, and Prostheses to Restore Fullness and Shape

For those who recover from breast-conserving or breast-removal surgery, prosthetic breast forms can restore fullness in the bra cup. Mastectomy patients may already be investigating the different types of breast forms on the market. There are benefits to each, so speaking with the staff of Second to Nature can save valuable time.

ABC offers a variety of breast forms, fillers, and prostheses that serve to restore fullness and shape post-surgery. Let’s take a look at some of these prostheses and breast forms:







The Puff, Seamless Triangle Puff, and Triangle Puff forms offer versatile fit and fullness. These have adjustable fiber fill to add the perfect amount of shape you need. Comfort and personalized fit is key with these forms.


First Form and First Form Weighted include memory foam that contours to your body’s curves for a natural look. The First Form is a great choice for those who want the shape without added weight. The weighted option also provides a more natural look and comfort, along with the added bit of weight that works with post-surgical and leisure wear.









ABC’s Seamless Microbead Form offers a relaxed, comfortable feel with microbeads that compose the shape. Users appreciate the flexible shape and coverage it provides.






Active Form is just what the name describes—a form that fits a woman’s every day active needs. The active form also used microbeads to achieve its great looks. It is both lightweight and water-friendly to use everywhere you go.



Explore Great Options While You Recover After Breast Surgery

Certified Mastectomy Fittings in Roanoke at Second to Nature

It is both our business and our pleasure to assist women with post-surgical solutions. Second to Nature in Roanoke offers a plethora of supportive options. Even if it has been a while since your surgery, please stop in. We offer certified mastectomy fittings to ensure each client receives the best products available.

Our team and mission at Second to Nature in Roanoke makes the post-surgical journey less of an ordeal. We enjoy helping women find the pleasure of the most comfortable ways to recover after breast cancer surgery. Let us support you with quality products from ABC today!


Contact Second to Nature for education and support of persons experiencing breast cancer before and after surgery. We are located in the Woodhaven Office Park, at 5450 Peters Creek Road. Call for an appointment at (540) 366-2711 or use our contact form. Follow us on Facebook for more comforting ways to recover after breast cancer surgery.