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Product Feature: Amoena Adapt Air Breast Form

Second to Nature Offers a Customized Fit After Breast Cancer Surgery

Second to Nature is proud to feature Amoena Adapt Air breast forms for our Roanoke-area clients. From the market leader, Amoena, comes another state-of-the-art product. This is one that caters to the individual needs of women after breast cancer surgery. We’ll go into more about these fantastic breast forms in a moment.

As we remind readers regularly, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. Worldwide in 2018 healthcare statistics reported more than two million new breast cancer cases. This means an increasing number of women seek care for breast cancer, with many requiring total mastectomy.

Breast Prosthesis After Total Mastectomy

A well-fitted breast prosthesis is an important element of the recovery process for those who undergo total mastectomy. Therefore, a breast form provides a discrete restoration of the female silhouette. Finding and fitting these forms is part of the service we provide at Second to Nature.

The new Adapt Air breast form from Amoena features an integrated air chamber. This benefit provides individual adjustment of the form’s volume for a better fit. For instance, the wearer can vary the volume at any time. Amoena, a global innovator, is a market leader in breast care. This new form raises breast prosthetics to a new level and sets new standards. Second to Nature is pleased to offer customers this versatile product.

Technologies and Features of the Amoena Adapt Air Breast Form

We’ve mentioned the integrated air chamber. This feature, along with a special pump, allows the Adapt Air prosthesis to be individually customized. This combination of technologies offers all-day comfort and better fit to both the woman’s chest wall and natural silhouette.

Where many wearers may report excessive perspiration behind the breast form, the new Adapt Air prosthesis promotes temperature balance. In other words, this reduction in perspiration would be an added bonus for women who wear breast forms after surgery. The patented Comfort + technology is the feature that provides greater reassurance throughout the day.

Adding to the enhanced comfort is its weight. The Adapt Air silicone prostheses come in two different lightweight classes. Compared to a standard silicone prosthesis of the same shape and size, each weighs either 25 percent or 40 percent lighter. Wearing a lighter form would reduce the time it takes to get used to wearing it.

Realities of Wearing Any Type of Breast Form After Surgery

Andreas Harnish, Product Development and Innovation Manager at Amoena, reminds us, “A traditional breast prosthesis may never fit 100 percent because every woman’s silhouette is unique—no two women are alike.” Women may have breast volume that is between two standard sizes. Weight changes due to hormone status, medication, and more can leave our bodies in a constant state of change.

“Also, the scar area is individual for each body, and uneven scarring as a result of a mastectomy is not uncommon,” Harnish notes. “Finding the perfect fit of a breast prosthesis to a woman’s silhouette is a challenge we have taken up with the development of the Adapt Air prostheses. We are pleased that we can make the lives of women wearing breast forms easier with this innovation.”

Amoena Adapt Air Breast Form Provides Customizable Solutions

This customizable new breast form, therefore, may solve some of the daily living challenges associated with wearing them. This enables the wearer to personalize the fit to suit individual needs. A woman who has truncal edema, for example, can adjust the Adapt Air on days when swelling goes up or down. The customizable breast form also allows women to chose from a wider variety of bras. Women can fine-tune the volume of the breast form to fill different cup shapes and styles.

Beyond the emotional challenges associated with cancer and its treatments, there is no doubt mastectomy brings serious change. As a result, the physical balance of the body changes permanently. Thankfully, the Adapt Air with its comfort and adjustable shape technologies can help women regain their natural silhouette.

Amoena’s new breast form offers a more confident outlook for those who undergo mastectomy. In conclusion, it allows wearers to look toward the future with greater confidence and style. Visit our breast forms page for more after breast surgery fashions Second to Nature provides the Roanoke region.


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