New Breast Form with Custom Fitting in Roanoke, Virginia

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes to how Second to Nature continues to provide outstanding service to our clients. Appointments for consultations and custom fitting for new breast forms may now take place via videoconference on FaceTime. We offer this convenience to keep everyone healthier to effectively halt the risk of coronavirus.

Second to Nature in Roanoke is Where to Go for a New Breast Form

This month, we would like to spend a little time talking about a very important part of our business. As a certified custom fitter for new breast forms in Roanoke, Virginia, Second to Nature takes great pride in providing clients with outstanding service when selecting a new breast form.

In a previous blog, we talked about how the Second to Nature team goes to industry conferences. A primary part of the conference experience is visiting with vendors in the exhibit hall. This is where we encounter displays and meet with the experts that manufacture the products we provide to clients, such as new breast forms.

Innovation, Design, and Development of New Breast Forms

Over the years that Second to Nature has been serving the Roanoke community, our industry has grown in so many ways. We have seen noteworthy changes in the way providers support women’s health. One of the more beautiful and meaningful aspects is how manufacturers create new breast forms.

The use of innovative components in the design and engineering of breast forms continues to intrigue us. Industry leaders charged with research and development take the time to listen to the concerns and challenges women face after breast surgery. Over the years, these manufacturers are the ones who create the new breast forms that our clients appreciate.

Consult with Us for the Newest Breast Forms from Industry Leaders

We meet many of our customers after surgery, although some do visit us ahead of time. Our trained and caring staff can help answer many questions women have about what takes place after surgery or mastectomy. It helps when women have the opportunity to become fully informed about various options available to them.

When a customer is planning to undergo breast surgery or has had a mastectomy, we understand that much of the hesitancy or anxiety can come from the unknown on the other side of recovery. The professionals at Second to Nature are here for our Roanoke-area clients as an anchor of support. We not only offer the products but have the training and experience to bring clients so many beautiful enhancements after breast surgery and beyond.

Custom Fitting After Breast Surgery by Second to Nature

Take the guesswork out of buying a new breast form with custom fitting by Second to Nature. We take time to work with each client individually, offering specialized fitting sessions. With time devoted to each person, we are able to custom fit breast forms that work with your lifestyle.

Whether you lead a sedentary or more active life, there are different types and styles of breast forms that are better suited for different situations and environments. Remember, too, that our bodies do change over time. The breast form a client might have purchased a couple of years ago may no longer have the same fit or appearance. Due to consistent use and various physical changes, it might be time to schedule another visit with us for a new breast form.

Be Happy With Your Breast Form Purchase from Us

In our business, a primary goal is that our clients remain happy with the products we offer. This includes not only a breast form, but the other shapewear and garments that go along with it. Our professional staff understands that each client desires to convey a certain image, and possibly multiple images in any given day. We strive to keep our clients happy with every breast form purchase and take time to listen to your feedback.

We want to know what makes you happiest about your purchases from Second to Nature. Our Roanoke-area business strives to evolve, and a big part of our evolution has been the comments we receive from customers. Taking the time to call us or write messages gives us an opportunity to serve you, make refinements, and obtain products you want most.

Find Your Favorite Breast Form at Second to Nature

We hope that delving into a conversation about breast forms has helped you to start thinking about some beautiful possibilities. We strive to not only keep up with changes in our industry but with our clients as well. Second to Nature stands ready to serve our Roanoke-area clients. We provide outstanding service as a local leader for after breast surgery care, education, and fashion.

Beyond bringing support to women, our team is ready to continue helping breast cancer survivors. Our caring staff helps them and their families advocate for the kind of medical care and supports they might need. We work with local and national insurance companies to keep women’s health in the forefront. Second to Nature wants you to not only find your favorite breast form but make it affordable and easy to obtain. Give us a call today!


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