Breast Cancer support concept

Don’t Navigate Breast Cancer Alone

Seek Support from Others After You Receive a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Don’t navigate breast cancer alone. That’s our blog topic this month. After you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, you might feel like isolating and withdrawing. We, at Second To Nature, urge you not to do that! It’s crucial for your mental and emotional wellbeing to seek support from others when dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis. That means:


  • Getting Counseling
  • Participating in a Survivor Group
  • Maintaining a Support System That Includes an Oncology Navigator


Consider Participating in Individual Counseling and a Survivor Group

Getting counseling has many benefits. Even if you feel like you’re handling your breast cancer diagnosis well, not every day is easy. When you get counseling, you can talk about your breast cancer diagnosis and feelings safely and openly. The same is true after surviving a breast cancer diagnosis; you can share triumphs and hope in a survivor group.


What Benefits Come with Taking Part in a Survivor Group?

First of all, in a survivor group, you’ll connect with breast cancer diagnosis survivors, to truly know you’re not alone. Secondly, you might learn something in a survivor group about coping with something with which you’re currently dealing. Finally, you could give hope in a survivor group to someone going through something you’ve experienced on your own journey.


Add an Oncology Navigator to Your Support System of Friends & Family

By now, we hope you see the advantage of having a strong support system when on a breast cancer diagnosis journey. Your counselor, members of your survivor group, plus friends and family should all make up that support group. Another addition to your support group should be an oncology navigator.


What’s an Oncology Navigator & Why Should I Add One to My Support System?

Oncology Navigators are trained laypeople. They help cancer patients make sure their care is still a priority – even with issues like childcare or job security concerns. Oncology Navigators also guide patients through the cancer health care system, helping them find the resources they need. Those dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis can count on their oncology navigator to maintain regular contact and consistent follow-up.


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