All About American Breast Care Prosthetics

The Best Non-Surgical Reconstruction Option Following a Mastectomy

For our second to final 2022 blog, we’re talking all about how the American Breast Care Prosthetics company works. When you come to Second To Nature for a breast prosthesis, we work to personalize and meet your needs. One of the ways in which we do that is offering ABC Prosthetics. Since 2003, they’ve provided breast care prosthesis to women worldwide by customizing the products from start to finish.


ABC Prosthetics Starts Things Off with a Pre-Scanning Consultation

When contemplating a custom prosthesis, you’ll start off with a pre-scanning consultation to review the options offered by ABC Prosthetics. At your pre-scanning consultation, a fitter will present and review everyone’s expectations about the prosthesis. You’ll discuss your color choices and payment options, plus receive details about the 3D scanning process during your pre-scanning consultation.


At the 3D Scanning & Fitting, ABC Prosthetics Prepares Your Prosthesis

After completing your pre-scanning consultation, you’ll schedule your 3D scanning appointment and a fitting session. Prior to undergoing the 3D scanning, your fitter will review the 3D scanning and fitting process with you. During the actual 3D scanning appointment, the fitter takes scans of your torso with a state-of-the-art, iPad-based instrument.


What Happens After the 3D Scanning?

After your 3D scanning, the Custom Design team of ABC Prosthetics in Marietta, GA, receives your files via a secure transmission. The ABC Prosthetics breast form designers use their CAD-based engineering system to create a custom breast prosthesis with exact specifications. When Second To Nature receives the ABC prosthetic, your fitter will set up a fitting appointment. You’ll be able to see and feel the finished ABC prosthetic for yourself at your fitting session. At the fitting, an Open Back, Closed Back, or (ACT) prosthesis goes in the bra you wore during 3D scanning.


Choose from an Open Back, a Closed Back, or an ACT Custom Prosthesis

The customized prosthesis options ABC Prosthetics offers include Open Back, Closed Back, and Advanced Cooling Technology (ACT.) Open Back options have a porous-silicone back and fit closely to torso’s contours. A Closed Back prosthesis has a completely sealed construction, allowing for easy maintenance. According to ABC’s website, ACT uses materials “that transfers energy from body heat into a cooler sensation against the skin.”


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