ABC MyShape Collection, breast prosthetic

The MyShape Collection by ABC Prosthetics

Custom Prosthetics from the MyShape Collection Mold to the Chest Wall

To close out 2022, we’re blogging about the MyShape Collection by ABC Prosthetics. Last month, Second To Nature shared general information about American Breast Care (ABC) Prosthetics. Since 2003, ABC has provided customized full form and partial prosthesis breast care products to women worldwide. Their newest innovation is the MyShape collection.

What’s the MyShape Collection?

MyShape prosthetics are made with flexible and comfortable material that molds full form and partial prosthesis to the chest wall. Like everything ABC Prosthetics offers, MyShape is customized to match shapes, match body types, and more. ABC MyShape options, also known as shapers, balancers, or partials, are breast prostheses designed to provide a bit more fullness to complete bra symmetry. MyShape prosthetics is an especially affordable option for those whose insurance doesn’t cover any custom prosthetic, full form or partial prosthesis.


Choose from Full Form or Partial Prosthesis Options with MyShape

Whether you had a lumpectomy or mastectomy, ABC’s MyShape collection has both full form and partial prosthesis for you. For a full form prosthesis, there’s the ABC’s RFS Amandasil™ silicone back. This proprietary prosthetic molds to the surgical topography of a mastectomy patient’s chest wall. The ABC MyShaper works best for a partial prosthesis; it’s also made using Amandasil material, with a specialized moldable back.


With MyShape, Custom Prosthetics Match Shapes and Most Body Types

MyShape prosthetics can match shapes and body types of all kinds. They’ll match shapes of small breasts needing more thickness all over. MyShape will also match body types needing mostly fullness at the top of the bra cup.


How Second To Nature Matches Body Types and Match Shapes with MyShape

At Second To Nature, we customize ABC MyShapers, RFS Amandasils, and MyShape Triangle prosthetics to match shapes and body types. As explained in our blog last month, the 3D scanning process will capture images for customization; this will match body types to the right breast prosthesis. The images also help match shapes so that the prosthetic looks natural.


Reach out to Second To Nature at (540) 366-2711 for information about our services. We specialize in custom breast prosthesis and mastectomy education. Follow us on Facebook for updates. We are happy to explain more about the MyShape collection by ABC Prosthetics.