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What If You’re Unhappy with Your Reconstruction?

Second To Nature Offers Some Alternatives That Could Make You Happy

This month, our blog answers the question: What if you’re unhappy with your reconstruction? In November 2020, we blogged about choosing the surgery that’s right for you. We recommended taking time to research your options and consulting a plastic surgeon. You should also discuss your treatment plan with loved ones. It’s important that you also find out your family history, to provide insight into previously successful treatment outcomes.

If, ultimately, your breast reconstruction leaves you less than satisfied, you can pursue alternatives. Depending on the kind of reconstructive surgery you had, other surgeries may prove more satisfactory. Of course, there’s always opting for a customized breast prosthesis by Second To Nature!

The ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis Offered by Second To Nature

At Second To Nature, we offer the ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis. This state-of-the-art technology uses 3D scanning to give designers clear images of your shape. We specifically create the prosthesis for every customer’s body size and skin pigmentation. We replicate the prosthesis shape based on your remaining breast and lifted in a bra. For a bilateral mastectomy, we create a breast form. The prosthesis covers and replaces the areas specific to what’s missing. It’s worn directly against the wall of your torso area.

How The Process Works, StepbyStep

  1. First, a fitter will discuss the benefits of custom breast prosthesis with you at a pre-scanning consultation. The fitter will take the time to help you decide whether or not it’s something to pursue. This fitter will work with you from beginning to end. By the end of this first meeting, you should fully understand what to expect. Your fitter will also go over your color choices, payment options, and the scanning process.
  2. When you come in for your personal scan session, your fitter will re-explain the process, then begin. The fitter will start out by taking reference images, then scan your chest with an iPad-based, 3D scanner. This technology is designed with accuracy to ensure a perfectly customized prosthesis.
  3. Next, after your scan session, the American Breast Care Custom Design team, in Marietta, GA, will electronically receive your files. With your information and their CAD-based engineering technology, they’ll start creating your customized prosthesis.
  4. Finally, upon receiving your completed ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis, we’ll schedule your personal fit appointment. Your first fit be in the bra you wore when scanned. The customized prosthesis should fit to your personal shape. You’re not limited to that bra, though! We’d love it if you’d try different styles to go with your new prosthesis.

Clients Use Custom Breast Prosthesis for Various Reasons

A prosthesis isn’t solely beneficial after complete breast reconstruction. Even if you had a lumpectomy or other breast-conserving surgery, you could get a custom prosthesis. The extent and place of the removed tissue varies quite a bit. Regardless of the type of surgery, a custom breast prosthesis is worth considering. It works for partial, simple, and radical mastectomies, plus other kinds of breast-conserving procedures.

Try Out Custom Breast Prosthesis for Yourself

Many women choose our custom prosthesis over reconstructive surgery. Sometimes, they use them as way to try out reconstruction. Other times, they use it in place of surgery. Even ladies who’ve had reconstruction may simply want to look more symmetrical. So, they often choose custom breast prosthesis.

Reconstructive Surgery Options

If you’re not completely satisfied with your breast reconstruction, you could talk to the members of your medical team about it. With your surgeon and other team members, you can discuss what steps you might take to improve how you look and feel about the reconstruction. According to http://cancer.org, lumpectomy reconstruction may include lipofilling or dermal matrix products. Total breast reconstruction options include using implants, as well as your own body tissues (flap procedures.)

Breast Implants, Flap Procedures, or Both?

Breast implants include flexible silicone shells filled with saline or silicone gel. A tissue flap procedure takes tissue from other body parts like the belly, back, legs, or posterior to reconstruct the shape of the breast. If your reconstructive surgery was one or the other, you could combine implants with flap breast reconstruction. When you’re happy with the breast shape, you can reconstruct the nipple and areola post-surgery with tattooing and fat grafting.

What Might Happen After Getting Your Breast Implant or Flap Procedure

After getting breast implants, it’s possible you might change your mind about their size. If you do, a breast implant exchange might be a viable option. Also, even if you didn’t get a flap procedure done, you might end up requiring that, as well. Any post-op procedure might also require fat grafting, breast reshaping, or scar revision. Whatever your concerns or questions after your breast reconstruction, talk to your medical team. If the conversation you have with your team doesn’t satisfy you, you’re entitled to a second opinion. A second opinion from another, qualified surgeon could help ensure that you understand all of your viable options.


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